Elizabeth plays Ulla in The Producers and is the Musical Director. Here, she talks to Executive Board Member Kristen Sehn about her experience handling both of those tasks, taking on such a strong character and returning to MunOpCo Music Theatre.

Kristen: So I understand you have worked with MunOpCo before. How has it been to work with them again?

Elizabeth: It's been great! I have worked with MunOpCo since 2002, but I haven't worked with them since 2010 so there has been a bit of a gap. A lot has changed since then with the organization, but I am working with Rody (the director and Elizabeth's husband), whom I have worked with a bunch of times before so for me it isn't that different. However, this is my first time working with Joey (the choreographer) and she is fantastic! So it has been very enjoyable so far. 

Kristen: Great to hear! So what has it been like for you playing Ulla? What is your favorite thing about playing such a wildly somedic character?

Elizabeth: Well it is completely out of the box for me! I am so used to playing the prim and proper role and this is such an agressive role, which is a lot of fun because I get to not at all be me.

Kristen: What has it been like working with the cast as the music director?

Elizabeth: They have been wonderful to work with. The music at the last rehearsal sounded great, so I am thrilled with them. 

Kristen: Was it challenging handling both roles (Ulla and musical director)?

Elizabeth: Actually I have done it before. This is the third show I have done musical direction and been in it, so I have sort of gotten used to it by this point. Working with the MT Pit, which is our canned music, makes it so much easier because it give people the ability to practice on their own. It just all comes down to time management.

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Interview: Elizabeth Marsh-Gilkeson