Bill Mutimer and Seth Rohrback play Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom respectively in The Producers. The hysterical pair discuss working with MunOpCo, working with each other and much more in this interview with Executive Board Member Kristen Sehn.

Kristen: Okay, so first I was wondering if this is your first time working with MunOpCo.

Seth: I’m Seth and yes it is.

Bill: I’m Bill and no. It’s actually my first time on stage as an actor. I directed West Side Story with MunOpCo in the 90s.

Kristen: Oh wow, that’s great! I love West Side Story. So how has your experience been so far this time around?

Bill: It’s been great. We are having a great time hanging out and putting on a little diddy show!

Seth: For me it’s been great. There are a whole bunch of new faces: a director I knew but never directly worked with. It’s a completely different set up, so it’s been one heck of an adventure.

Kristen: So the show obviously revolves around the two of you. How has your experience been working together?

Seth: It’s been wonderful! I’ve really only known Bill for the past year and a half now. He directed me in Full Monty, then we were together in Music Man that summer, then he directed me in City of Angels and now here we’re back on stage together. So the next time we do a show together he will probably be directing me.

Bill: It seems to go that way.

Seth: Yeah, it’s every other.

Kristen: Well you two are a riot together! How have you enjoyed getting to work with the comedy of Mel Brooks. That has got to be every actors dream, at least for comedy.

Seth: Well I mean my favorite movie growing up was Spaceballs, so Mel Brooks has always had a special place in my heart. And this is finally a chance to do something ridiculous.

Bill: And over the top. I like the over-the-top-ness of it. Anything goes and you can just have fun and not take yourself too seriously.

Seth: Yeah, it’s meant to be a good time, and the points where we poke fun at people we do it for everybody. So everybody escapes unscathed.

Kristen: Exactly. Speaking of specific parts of the show, do either of you have a favorite number? It doesn’t have to be one that you were in together or that you were in at all.

Seth: A favorite number…. Hmmm…

Kristen: It’s tough, it’s a good show.

Bill: It really is tough! My favorite number that I do is We Can Do It, but my favorite number in the show that I don’t do is Haban Sie Gehort... uhh...

Seth: The unpronounceable name.

Bill: But he does it well.

Seth: I like all my songs with Bill because he’s a very silly guy and it’s fun to be opposite him. But I’d say that the one that best embodies the spirit of my character is I Want to Be a Producer. That’s his moment to say ‘Hey world, I want to break out’ and it’s a fun song.

Kristen: I love that number, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Bill: Fine, then I’m going to be selfish and say Betrayed is my favorite.

Kristen: Betrayed is actually one of my favorite numbers in the show! Okay, so one last question: What is your favorite part about your character?

Bill: Being with the old ladies.

Seth: For me it’s everybody I get to interact with. I mean from the beginning, the first moment with Leo and Max, it does not let up. And I get to spend time with Bill, Chip (Franz Liebkind), Matt (Roger De Bris) and everybody just ups the crazy factor from the person before.

Hope this interview had you laughing and looking forward to the show! Stay tuned for more!

Interview: Bill Mutimer and Seth Rohrbach