Joey Schubert, the choreographer for The Producers, talks with MunOpCo Board Member Kristen Sehn about working with MunOpCo, marrying her choreography with the traditional Producers choreography, and every audience's favorite number.


Kristen: How has your experience been so far working with MunOpCo? It's you first time working with them, right?

Joey: It is, it's my first tie working with them and I've been having a really great time. Everybody's been wonderful, they give me all the information I need and they are very supportive of me. I get to take my art and take the next step and they are following right along with me which makes iot very helpful!

Kristen: That's great to hear! So what has been your favorite part about choreographing this show so far?

Joey: Being able to put the choreography onto people and having it look even better than I imagined it in my head while I was choreographing. Because I tell them all the time that in my head it's perfect, but once it is on people it just even better. It looks so fantastic and I am so proud. 

Kristen: Great, I can't wait to see it! So I know that with this show there is choreography from the original Broadway production that has to be included. How has it been incorporating that with your own choreography and making it work all together?

Joey: It can be challenging at times, especially because I want to preserve that original choreography's style, characteristics and feel. But at the same time, it also ggives me the chance to spice it up just a little bit differently while still keeping all of what makes it token. So sometimes what I do if there is a very token move is I move it until a little later on in the song so the moves are still there, but there is enough difference to keep the audience guessing

Kristen: And that also allows you to give it your own style and make what is there your own.

Joey: Absolutely!

Kristen: Well I know this is probably hard to pick, but did you have a favorite scene to choreograph or one that you are most excited for the audience to see?

Joey: You know what, tap dance is an art that has really fallen to the wayside, so I think that when audiences see it actually come to life on stage it sucks them in so quickly, especially because it isn't just visual, it's auditory as well. So for that reason I am psyched to see the tap come alive on the stage and watch the audiences reaction.

Kristen: Well every audience loves a good tap number! Okay one last question: How was it working with people who have experience with tap alongside people who have never tapped before? I know sometimes that can be really challenging.

Joey: Well I always say that I can teach anybody to tap. You just have to know that you want to do it and you have to give it a shot. And the people that I had brought into the castwho didn't have experience were open to doing any crazy thing that I wanted to do.They're standing on walkers and kicking and sitting on them, and there was never a doubt or a question. We all had a really good relationship and trusted each other and they just went with it.

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Interview: Joey Schubert