When speaking about what roles Taylor Van Kooten has taken on, it is probably easier to ask which ones she hasn't. Not only is she in the cast as an ensemble member and a full time college student, but she designed and helped paint the set, created all the graphics used to market the show, redid MunOpCo's website and logo, designed the show t-shirts and so much more! Since Taylor has proven to be such an asset to MunOpCo this season, MunOpCo Board Member Kristen Sehn sat down with Taylor to talk about her experience working with MunOpCo and how she handled wearing all of these different hats.


Kristen: First of all, this is not your first rodeo with MunOpCo! How has it been working with them again, especially with all the different roles you've taken on both for the show and for the organization? I mean you created all the graphics for the marketing team for the show, she completely redesigned the website during the process of the show as well as a new logo and new branding. Basically you have created a new everything for us! And I just found out you painted the set!

Taylor: And Brett (Oliveira) and Jeff (Dreas). They helped me with the painting. A whole bunch of cast members also came to help prime and paint. But I picked out all the colors and did all of the set design. Early on in the summer I sketched everything out to get all of the set pieces, shapes and colors, and I took lights into consideration for each scene. Then I sat down with a bunch of the Board members and created a prop list, and we were able to get a lot of the props donated. We have so many Lehigh Valley friends! Almost every playhouse in the Lehigh Valley donated stuff for us to use!

Kristen: That is amazing!

Taylor: I know, and we are so grateful to them and appreciate everything they were able to give us.

Kristen: Well that's great! So this task was just a small part of everything you have done so far for MunOpCo/

Taylor: Yeah, I also, like you said, created all the ads, all graphics for the show, designed the program cover, redid the MunOpCo logo, and set up the website-

Kristen: Which we appreciate so much!

Taylor: I know you do, and I appreciate the Board so much for all of their support and appreciation and for all of their help!

Kristen: Well on behalf of the Board you are very welcome! Okay so how has your experience been as a cast member so far? 

Taylor: I love this cast! Everyone is so funny and a lot of people kind of know each other from different theaters, but I have loved getting to know them and hear about their experiences with different theaters in the area. I have made so many new friends! And working with Joey (choreographer), Rody (director) and Elizabeth (musical director and Ulla) has been great as well! They all have a lot on their plates, but they are great to work with. 

Kristen: Okay well one last question: What are you most excited for the audience to see.

Taylor: Springtime for Hitler. I mean... it's gay Hitler!

Kristen: True! And it's tap! Well thank you so much, and again we all really appreciate everything you have done for our organization.

Taylor: Yes, it has been my pleasure! The whole board works so hard and it has been wonderful getting to work with you all and try to help MunOpCO move forward!

Stay tuned for one more interview with director Rody Gilkeson!

Interview: Taylor Van Kooten